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ROWonAIR® – Rowing unleashed

ROWonAIR® means what it says. The folding ROWonAIR® rowing system can quickly and easily be attached to inflatable boats, inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards, airskiffs, slider air kayaks, air kayaks, surf skis and other dirigibles. Thanks to the folding design of the rowing set and the inflatable boats, ROWonAIR® can be packed into a small volume so that it is easy to take anywhere by car, plane, bus, train and on foot, and stow away at home.

There are two folding rowing systems to choose from - RowVista®, the first and only forwards rowing system that allows you to control feathering of the oar blade by hand, RowMotion®, which is a traditional rowing system. Both rowing systems perfectly match the ROWonAIR® row-ons and can also be used with existing boats/SUP boards. RowMotion® or RowVista® can be quickly and easily mounted on any SUP board starting at 14 such as the RedPaddle (Racer), Fanatic (Falcon and Strike 14'), Starboard (Racer and Touring), Mistral, Race Line (Open Ocean, Equinox 14' and Equipe 14'), BIC Sports (Nova Scotia 14' x 28") AirBoard (Airboard ROCKET LE 14'), Hobie (SUP), Indiana SUP (Carbon 14' Touring and Carbon 14' Race). Canadian canoes made by Lettmann and Wenonah, for example, can also be fitted with these systems.

In order to appreciate the full ROWonAIR® experience we recommend using boats/SUP boards at least 14' long. We have found that longer boats/boards distribute changes in weight better and that above this length pitching is no longer an issue. Also, the longer the better as far as speed is concerned. The longer the boat/board is, the better it is to row - and the better it looks.

ROWonAIR® - the revolution in rowing

RowVista® forwards rowing system –
ingenious technology based on experience and inventiveness

Quick assembly without need
for tools and straightforward
transport on the car roof

Like with the XCAT catamaran, all ROWonAIR® products can be assembled and dismantled without the need for tools using click-on and plug-in connections, and, thanks to the compact bags provided, can easily be transported by car, on a plane or on foot.

Excitement made in Austria - the Row&Sail boatyard

That is why at Row&Sail we work enthusiastically on new innovations every day and manufacture our rowing sets in our own boatyard at Row&Sail GmbH in Lichtenberg near Linz, Austria. Our drop-stitch inflatable SUP board, AIR KAYAK and AIRSKIFF are manufactured by a world-famous manufacturer of drop-stitch boards using high quality materials and production processes.

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