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ROWonAIR® lets you row on inflatable SUP boards, kayaks and skiffs as well as on your own inflatable or hard shell Stand Up Paddle board, kayak, canoe, canadian canoe or any other style of boat.  For rowing or sculling choose between two unique rowing systems: RowVista® and RowMotion®.

With RowVista®, the innovative high-tech forward rowing system with oar blade feathering for beginners and professionals, you row in the direction you are facing.

With RowMotion® you row in classic reverse style, just like with conventional rowing and sculling. 

Key features

  • No tools are needed to assemble/dismantle the rowing system which takes less than 2 minutes to click together to form a strong unit.
  • Everthing fits into one bag. Your ROW ON, the inflatable SUP 14' (426), AIRKAYAK 16' (485) or the inflatable AIRSKIFF 17' (517), are supplied in a sturdy bag. 
  • Straightforward transport by air, car or on foot is thus guaranteed. Now you can row anywhere whenever you want. Complete freedom for recreational and athletic rowers.
RowMotion® Rowing Skid Y on Airkayak 16'(485)
RowVista® Rowing Skid F on Airskiff 17'(517)
RowMotion® Rowing Skid F on SUP 14'(426)
RowVista® Rowing Skid Y on Airkayak 16'(485)
RowMotion® Rowing Skid F on Airskiff 17'(517)
RowVista® Rowing Skid F on SUP 14'(426)

Simply attach and secure the folding rowing systems – RowVista® or RowMotion® – to the ROW ON of your choice:


High-tech forward rowing system
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Classic reverse rowing system
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SUP 14' (426)

The lightweight SUP board for athletic rowing at every level
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AIRSKIFF 17' (517)

The inflatable skiff for performance-driven rowers
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AIRKAYAK 16' (485)

The inflatable kayak for all-rounders – perfect for 1-3 persons
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Your own SUP / boat

For inflatable or hard shell SUPs / boats
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„Yes, you can really row that!“
Dr. V. Schmidt , a rower with more than 30 years of experience exclaimed after a try out
„I can't tell you how many times I have rebuilt the bow of my scull.“
Bob Rohwer

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Product Launch in Europe and the US

On September 19th we finally proudly introduce ROWonAIR® at the Paddle Expo in Nuremberg, Germany (booth G92). Following the product launch in Europe, we present ROWonAIR®...

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